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Farm Info

Shet-Tu Sheep Farm was established in 2005. We are located just off I-25 across from Mead, Colorado. My goal is to breed "Traditional 1927" Shetland Sheep that conform to the 1927 standard, as clarified by Appendix A. My shetlands are fine fleeced and single coated. They are registered, not only with NASSA, but with the FFSSA registry. I do annual micron testing on all my sheep, to be certain they are maintaining the wool quality that is required by FFSSA and myself. As of Aug, 2016 my flock all tested OPP & B-Ovis negative.

Shet-Tu Willow Has Twins

Willow has twins, one of each.  The clean one is the ram lamb and the dirty one is the ewe lamb.  She was born in the dirt.  These lambs are sired by UTS Thakur

Shet-Tu Sitka is next to lamb

Sitka had twin ewe lambs today.

2nd born 3/19/17

1st born 3/19/17

Shet-Tu Wasilla with twin lambs

Wasilla lambed on 3/18/17.  There are one of each.  The white one is a ram lamb and the other is a ewe lamb.

Wasilla’s Lambs
born 3/18/17

Micron Results for 2017

As always, click on the picture to make it bigger.

2017 Micron Results

Some are interested in micron results and some are not.  If you are, here are my results for 2017.  I have also added a page for Micron results, which has microns back to 2015.

There is some great information on the Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association web site, if you are interested in what this all means. The web address is http://www.finefleeceshetlandsheep.org/.  Look under the education tab and click on grading chart.

2017 Lambing Begins

Shet-Tu Divinity starts out the lambing season with twins, the ram lamb is moorit (brown) and the ewe lamb is white.  They’re both beautiful and all are doing well.

Divinity’s Ram Lamb
Born: 3/5/17

Divinity’s Ewe Lamb
Born: 3/5/17

Dark Gray Top (See For Sale – Fleece, Roving & Other Stuff page)

Gray Top

Gray Top

OPP & B-Ovis

I am happy to say that after having all my sheep tested, my flock is OPP & B-Ovis negative.  This required time and money.  But, I feel it is money well spent.

Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Show Ribbons

FFSSA Ribbons

FFSSA Ribbons

Oh well, upside down is good.  The FFSSA shetland sheep show was very successful for

Shet-Tu Sheep Farm, with a champion ram lamb and also a champion fleece.

PeanutButter takes Grand Champion



Shet-Tu PeanutButter took grand champion at the Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Show.  He is very nice with correct conformation and nice crimpy fleece.  PeanutButter is for sale $300.00

A Ewe Lamb for Willow



ChocolateChip was born yesterday, 4/19/16 to Shet-Tu Willow x Lancien Mr. Gatz.  She is a twin, but I wasn’t around when her sister was born and she didn’t make it.  This one is the last lamb for this year.  I ended up with 9 girls and 5 boys.  Be sure to shoot me an email, if you have any interest in any of these lambs.  I have a list started of potential buyers and would love to add you to that list.