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Farm Info

Shet-Tu Sheep Farm was established in 2005. We are located just off I-25 across from Mead, Colorado. My goal is to breed "Traditional 1927" Shetland Sheep that conform to the 1927 standard, as clarified by Appendix A. My shetlands are fine fleeced and single coated. They are registered, not only with NASSA, but with the FFSSA registry. I do annual micron testing on all my sheep, to be certain they are maintaining the wool quality that is required by FFSSA and myself. As of Aug, 2016 my flock all tested OPP & B-Ovis negative.

For Sale – Fleece, Roving & Other Stuff

All Products are from “Traditional 1927” Shetlands

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Contact Debbie at email: debbie@shettusheep.com or phone: 970-535-4357

Vaila's 2016 fleece.

Vaila’s 2016 fleece.

Vaila Fleece Measurement

Vaila Fleece Measurement

Willow's 2016 Fleece

Willow’s 2016 Fleece

Willow's fleece length

Willow’s fleece length

Gray Top

Gray Top







Yarn - Fawn Color 250 yards - $15.00/ea.

Yarn – Fawn Color
200 yards – $15.00/ea.

Yarn - off white 250 yards - $15.00/ea.

Yarn – off white 200 yards – $15.00/ea.



Vaila is an AG gray kat.   Her fleece is premium grade 2 according to the FFSSA grading chart.  Her fleece is 4″ long unstretched. (see picture above)  Her fleece weighs 2 lbs. and is $50.00, plus shipping.

Willow is black.  I rooed her fleece this year.  Willow’s fleece is a premium grade 2 fleece.  It is 3 1/2″ unstretched.  It weighs 1.8 lbs. and is $45.00, plus shipping

The gray top is fine and soft.  This top was made from the neck wool off my shetlands.  I have 5.5 lbs.  It is $3.50 per oz. or $54.00 per lb.  I can sell whatever quantities you would like.

The fawn colored yarn is actually darker then the picture.  It is a darker fawn color.  I couldn’t get a good picture representing the true color.