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Farm Info

Shet-Tu Sheep Farm was established in 2005. We are located just off I-25 across from Mead, Colorado. My goal is to breed "Traditional 1927" Shetland Sheep that conform to the 1927 standard, as clarified by Appendix A. My shetlands are fine fleeced and single coated. They are registered, not only with NASSA, but with the FFSSA registry. I do annual micron testing on all my sheep, to be certain they are maintaining the wool quality that is required by FFSSA and myself. As of Aug, 2016 my flock all tested OPP & B-Ovis negative.

Breeding Ewes

“Traditional 1927” Ewes

Please forgive my photo’s.  I coat my shetlands, so they’re wool looks a little squished.  They are actually quite lovely sheep.

Shet-Tu Divinity DOB: 5/3/12

Shet-Tu Divinity is one of my favorite ewes.  At 4 years old, she still has very nice fleece.


Shet-Tu Willow

Shet-Tu Willow                Do you think she’s ready to roo (shed) her fleece?


Shet-Tu Wasilla

Shet-Tu Wasilla has lost the wool around her neck already.  Her fleece won grand champion at the FFSSA fine fleece show in Estes in 2016.


UnderTheSon Vaila

UnderTheSon Vaila is a curious girl.  She always wants to know what’s going on.


Shet-Tu Sitka

Shet-Tu Sitka has produced some great fleece.  Her fleece is a little longer – over 4″.  Her twins for her first year of breeding were stunning.



Shet-Tu Iris

Shet-Tu Iris will be bred for the first time this year (2016).  Can’t wait to see what she gives me next year.  She rooed her fleece, but she was a little anxious, so I didn’t get the front done properly.